Ways to Work Outside of an Office

I’ve been getting requests on more ideas, so here they are:

1. Freelance: it could be writing, editing, photography. You can be your own boss without having to go to an office. Maybe you’ll still work outside of home, but I’m just not one for sitting in that god awful florescent lighting listening to phones ringing and keyboards clicking and coughing from the next cubicle. This is better.

2. Be a personal trainer. If you’re in decent shape, this is plausible. You might work at a gym. You might gather clients from your circle of friends and family members and work from home. Either way, America is getting fat and you shouldn’t have a hard time finding people to help. You can help them grocery shop. You can go on runs with them. They pay you for you to stay in shape while getting them in shape too. Doesn’t sound too bad, does it?

3. If you want more of a hands-on kind of job, consider going to a technical college like Ranken to learn to be an electrician, plumber, etc. You’ll be working with objects rather than computers. Plus, I hear those guys can make bank.

4. Clean houses. If you don’t mind the physical labor, you can do okay for yourself with this. Sure, you’ll be in other people’s homes, but you’ll be doing something active. You won’t be stuck behind a desk. You also set your own hours, so you won’t be doing that 8-5 grind.

5. Be an IT guy. Know much about computers? You can make huge money doing this. Of course, you’ll be behind a computer. But you could be behind your computer on your couch, versus in an office somewhere.

There you have it. 5 more super awesome ideas for working from home. Enjoy.

How to Work From Home

Don’t want a boss? Neither do I! What I do is complicated, but here are a few simple¬†ways that you can work from the comfort of your own home:

1. Give lessons: could be music lessons like piano or trumpet, or voice lessons. Could be lessons on how to tie knots for all I care. People pay to learn how to do things, and you can teach them in your home.

2. Do alterations or make clothing. There’s no reason you need a storefront to be a legitimate tailoring business. Avoid the overhead costs and just do it at home.

3. Do advertising/marketing for local businesses. Enjoyable work for writers and you’re helping another company to grow while you make a few bucks, all while in your pajamas.

4. MLM sucks. Don’t do it. If you don’t listen to me and do multi-level marketing, do your research first. There are very few who make it big off of MLM. The rest call it quits after wasting their money with no return and wish they’d never even started.

5. Invent things and sell your idea. It happens.

6. Be a virtual assistant. Some hot shot has a lot going on and needs stuff done? You’re not doing much so why not help him?

7. Translator. Know a random language? People will pay you for that.

8. Travel Agent. You don’t need an office or plane tickets to be a good travel agent. Just do your research and work on your people skills.

There you go. A few work from home ideas to get you started. Happy hunting!


Different Ways to Work from Your Own Home